Moldova Festival 7 Days

21 September 2017
Thursday, 18:00
3000 lei
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Moldova Festival CONTACT +

We invite you from 21 to 28 September in Moldova to join our creative festival CONTACT +

This year the focus of the festival is on DANCE-MUSIC - VIDEO.

When space and inspiration connect with each other.

When in the depths of your creative abilities you find a point of contact with yourself and with life.

When we are open to our mutual manifestation.

Then dance, music and poetry are born.

Festival structure: (see the schedule: )

The day will begin with the morning practices: dance, music, voice, yoga.

In the first half of the day and in the evening will take place classes of contact improvisation and other techniques of dance.

The second half of the day is dedicated to performance laboratories and working on the video films, part of which will be presented on the final day of the festival.

The festival will also create a space for children and adults: Here, adults and children will guide each other into a world of improvisation, play, dance, sound and performative practices.

The festival program also includes: dance and musical jams, performances, musical concerts, song circles, voice opening, discussions and video presentations.

For information about the festival, classes and teachers enter the site:

Registration for the festival: HERE. 

Site of the festival: 

Facebook page:  

and event 

For Moldovan participants it is possible to purchase a ticket for the whole festival:

Price:  3000 lei

It is also possible to buy a ticket for a separate event or a series of master classes.