Starting March 10, 2020, public or private events are prohibited in open or closed spaces.
This measure is mandatory, at national level, for all public and private agencies and is not subject to negotiation or exceptions, it cannot be postponed.
As a result, most of the organizers were forced to reschedule or cancel most of the events on the site.
Thank you very much for your understanding,on which we will continue to appeal as other events will be announced as being rescheduled for another period.

See the list of some rescheduled events:

Gala iTicket - 12 mai 2020
Moldova Fashion Days Spring-Summer Edition - aprilie 2020
DURBALA SI CHEIANU: Am nimerit in ”10”! - aprilie/mai 2020
Fluieraș la 85 de ani - mai 2020
Adriana Ochisanu - Viata mea... e cantecul! - 6/7 mai 2020
BIZZ MARKETING FORUM - Trafic & Conversie - aprilie 2020
Юбилейный Концерт Lara Fabian - septembrie 2020