Human Resources Management Conference

Human Resources Management Conference

24 ноябрь 2022
Четверг 9:00
Raddison Blu Leogrand Hotel, Nistru Hall (77 Varlaam str.)
1000 лей
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Human Resources Management Conference, Nov. 24, 9:00-16:00


Raddison Blu Leogrand Hotel, Nistru Hall (77 Varlaam str.)


#AmChamHRMConference22 is about community, enjoying being part of this community | getting inspired | about grabbing ideas & actionable plans | expanding the network, and much more!


#AmChamHRMConference22 is diving deep into the most demanding discussions about Agility | People Experience | Culture | HR Transformation | the Future of Work | Talent Acquisition | Continuous Professional Development | Internal Communication, and much more!


#AmChamHRM Conference22 is bringing you some of the latest insights, ideas, and case stories from the #GreatMinds around the world of work - with plenty of interactivity.


The working languages are Romanian and English.


Ticket Price: 1000 MDL