product design

13 August
Saturday, 09:30
300 lei
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We are happy to announce that all those who did not have time to sign up for our conference – now can do this. We have worked on our expansion, and now everything will be held at the MediaCor. This will allow us to host 70 more guests!
Hurry up!
We all know that a fruitful interaction between product managers and product designers is one of the conditions for the success of a product. To do this, we decided to get together, discuss the roles and responsibilities in various enterprises, as well as the processes and development of product thinking. We will also talk about cool cases where common efforts led to awesome results for the business. This is what will help people from product oriented industries take a slightly different look at their workflow and improve them using the practices of international companies. The conference will be useful for those who have heard but do not really understand what a design/manager product is but would want to find out whether the endeavor is worth their effort.
This is exactly why we, as YTV and COR have organized this conference for you! 
Many thanks to our sponsors at:
Mixbook, iFood, Castel Mimi and OM
We shake hands with our partners at:
Squad, Fusion Works, gstudio, Pentalog
Special thanks to our general partner Crunchyroll
This event is organized with the support of Future Technologies Activity, funded by USAID and Sweden.
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 The conference will be held in English.