About us

In 2013, an ambitious and visionary company iTicket was born. 
Today, it's proudly the most important event organizer in the Republic of Moldova.

With an impressive market share, iTicket has become the leader in event ticketing. With their creativity and passion, our specialists have made it possible to organize impressive festivals such as "O seara în parc", "Acasă", "KALEIDOSCOP", "Street Food & Wine", "Street Food Chișinău", "Street Food Bălți", "Beer Mania", "Chișinău BBQ Festival", "Sympho LOVE" and more. 
These events annually gather over 300,000 people from all over the country.

iTicket's mission is to bring culture and beauty to everyone. In this way, the company succeeds in opening doors to unique and original experiences, so that people can enjoy memorable moments with friends and family.