Process of purchase

- If the account lacks money, tickets can still be purchased with subsequent recharge of the account within the following 2 hours, but no later than 2 hours prior to the beginning of event.

- Tickets can be paid with the money on your personal iTicket account after you have recharged the account with your bank card or through the BPAY, RunPay, QiWi payment terminals. (If you encounter problems paying through the terminals, please call the green line 022-837-155 (BPAY), 022-855-888 (RunPay) and 022-844-300 (QiWi)a) if you pay for the ordered tickets through the BPAY, RunPay, QiWi terminals, please use the ID of your order; b) if you recharge your account with money through the BPAY, RunPay, QiWi terminals, please use the transaction ID from the section “Refill your account”

- While purchasing tickets through terminals, you will receive a ticket/code which you will use to authenticate your payment at the vendor you have purchased event ticket from.


- Tickets may be returned under certain circumstances and certain conditions apply. For details see the "Terms and Conditions" page (https://iticket.md/en/page/conditii) .For the return of tickets, in the booking compartment, in "Tickets" box, "My Orders" you will find the "Cancel" button. This button appears only if returning the tickets is possible. If you have any questions, write to [email protected].


- iTicket do not share personal data with other people or companies besides those directly involved in the purchasing process.