Human Resources Management Conference Managing Organizations & People in a Changing World 2018

23 noiembrie 2018
Vineri, 08:30
Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel
400600 lei
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AmCham Moldova is organizing the 2nd edition of Human Resources Management Conference “ Managing Organizations & People in a Changing World”.

Why Attend?

“You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life” – Renee West

The field of HR is much more than just dolling out employee benefit packages and managing payroll. Human Resources is an innovative, forward moving, and fast-paced aspect of business life; crucial and integral to the running of a business. As a pioneering element of industry, HR not only enhances business value, but is increasingly striving to bring the best out of employees. It is crucial to be on the forefront of the changes and trends that are due to take place in the coming year.

By attending the "Managing Organizations and People in a Changing World" Human Resources Management Conference, you will not only equip yourself, but also your business to be a pioneer of the new changes and trends coming into force. Learn how to develop and build your workforce, making your business come to life through Transformations in how we see Talent Management. Explore how to partner your business for future success, and learn how to secure the future of your business and its development through the re-imagination of the role of Mangers into one that creates Leaders for the future. Through attending this conference you will not only learn about these new trends, but you will also be given the know-how to implement them into your workforce.

This conference will bring you together with like-minded professionals, to share experience, tips and ideas, encouraging your further development. In an era where employee development, soft skills and leadership ability bear the most importance, keeping your ear to the ground will help you to pave the way for your company to be a leader in global HR revolution.

Join us to connect with CEO’s, HR professionals and specialists, from across Moldova and the Region, for a conference which will leave you inspired and equipped.

Who Should Attend?

The people who will most benefit from attending the HRM conference are the executives, human resource managers, and practitioners who are truly concerned about their most precious asset: people.

About AmCham Moldova

AmCham Moldova is a nongovernmental and non-profit association of private business in Moldova. As member of the 125 American Chambers of Commerce network from across the world, AmCham Moldova aims to promote US, foreign, and local investments in Moldova and to work with the Moldovan government and business leaders to foster a more favorable business climate in Moldova. AmCham counters 120 members, representing 34 industries of the national economy. Read more about AmCham Moldova:


Ticket price:

400 mdl for AmCham members

600 mdl for non-members