Discover JCI Moldova

23 august 2019
Vineri, 09:00
Ungheni, Moldova
13004400 lei
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JCI Ungheni is delighted to host the first International Conference in Moldova 2019. The event "Discover JCI Moldova", dedicated to young entrepreneurs and start-up entrepreneurs, as well as professionals, as well as international JCI leaders and those who share the same values ​​of the organization, will be held in Ungheni, on the border with the European Union. In a joint effort of young entrepreneurs and businessmen from Moldova, JCI Moldova together with JCI Ungheni is organizing an event to build international business collaborations, to promote entrepreneurs' experiences on an international scale, to organize an exchange of experience between the people of JCI INTERNATIONAL and provide useful information! In the course of three days, guests will be able to discuss topics related to business and exchange of good practice. JCI business people will be able to listen to successful examples and have the chance to discover Moldova through various activities.

You should not miss the event:

  • Active youths in search of ideas and practical know-how
  • Young entrepreneurs wishing to expand internationally
  • Active citizens, seeking inspiration, knowledge and engaging in their communities


Our speakers:

  • are experienced entrepreneurs
  • are business professionals from various fields
  • are experienced JCI leaders

More information: