Succes story of Carlos Oestby

10 martie 2016
Joi, 19:00
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On 10 of March join Millionaire Maker and International Business Entrepreneur Mr Carlos Oestby in an Unforgettable Evening!

Learn how you can start a business with the world's most consumed product and turning it into a profitable million dollar business within 18 months.

Carlos Oestby is a certified trainer of NLP and he is accredited by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Along with his beautiful wife Tine, they run their own peak performance coaching institute. 

Carlos has a proven track record as a successful business entrepreneur and has built significant organisations over the years. 

The smallest organisation he ever built had a distributor and customer base of just under 21,000, where as the largest one reached close to 100 000 customers and distributors.

Carlos has been one of the top income earners in all of the companies that he has been involved in. He’s a 14-year proven industry veteran and he loves helping and watching others build a solid, successful and long term business.

Carlos speaks 8 languages and offers his training courses and millionaire mentorship sessions in multiple languages, enabling him to support his own and other teams within the industry internationally.

Carlos is extremely passionate about what he does and believes that in order to succeed one needs to to work smart and hard and welcomes anyone with a burning desire to succeed into the family.

Carlos believes that ‘in order to make your dreams come true…YOU have got to wake up and take action RIGHT NOW’
Carlos is living his dream by spending time with his wife Tine where they together travel the world helping people bring more passion and growth into their lives.


For more information about the event, please call us: 067 482 067.