ADOR Noaptea înainte de deadline | 2019

29 March 2019
Friday, 19:00
200400 lei
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March, 29 | ADOR Noaptea înainte de deadline
                   Friday, 18:00
                   Tekwill, Studenților, 9/11 st.

March, 30 | "Zeama" Workshop
                   Saturday, 14:00
                   ArtCor, 31 August 1989, 137 st.

                 | Legowelt
                   Saturday, 22:00
                   BandabaR, M. Eminescu, 55 st.
Everything in life has its price.

ADOR Ticket — 400 MDL
29 March | Tekwill

AAADOR Ticket — 500 MDL
29 March | Tekwill
30 Martie | ArtCor + BandabaR 

Legowelt Experience — 200 MDL
30 Martie | BandabaR

ADOR Noaptea înainte de deadline
March, 29 | 18:00

ADOR is dedicated to creative people, who probably are a bit of masochist to work in the creative industry. Let's take the chance to meet, make friends, inspire each other and have fun till dawn.

Stories Lineup

Jonay Sosa

Creative Director | McCANN Bucharest
Starting as a creative copywriter in Spain, Jonay began his own project ideasforfuel, which brought him traveling on a van across Europe and collaborating with 20 award-winning advertising agencies. Whoa. That’s how he finally joined McCANN (Bucharest) to continue his adventure as a Group Creative Director for all The Coca-Cola Company brands.

João Castro
Studio Degrau | Portugal

João is challenging the conventions in design by shaping, together with his team, unique products and social experiences. From Adobe to the public of a City Hall, Degrau creates contexts for people to react or relate with.

Dragoș Traistaru
CARIOCA | România

Dragoș is one of the 3 founders of the Romanian team, whose works can be found amongst the world rankings of computer-generated imagery and photography, such as 200 Cgi Artists Worldwide and Luerzer’s Archive Special.

Constantin Șarcov
Piko Creative | Moldova and Netherlands
Being the founder of the most awarded agency in Moldova, Constantin puts honor at the head of the creative process and dreams of conquering the world, starting with Amsterdam.

“Make Your Mom Proud” Awards
We play by our rules. Therefore, there are no categories at “Make Your Mom Proud” Awards. Be it a print, commercial or identity, the core creative idea is the one to be judged. Each participant will present their work within the Show Off session, after which the ADOR guests will choose 3 that they liked the most.
If you are a part of a creative team or a freelancer, welcome with your best work in ADOR Awards. 

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"Tunes We All ADOR" Party

Our music will make even the shyest ones dance like nobody's watching.

Playlist by Vova Malostev | Art Director, Publicis Moldova

"Zeama" Workshop
March, 30 | 14:00

There is a good tradition in Moldova — to eat zeama after a good party. We invite the most curious ones to the second day “Zeama” Workshops.

Oxana Gumennaia
Основные принципы профилактики синдрома профессионального выгорания.
Ana Ghenciu + Cristina Ungurean
Baby Killers
"Ai vreo idee? Da' dacă găsesc?"
Dragoș Traistaru
Reviewing local creative works.

Eugen Boico
How we sound together. 

How to write a track.
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Legowelt Experience
March, 30 | 22:00

Appearing on the Dutch scene for the first time in the early 90s, Legowelt became part of the Bunker label. Inspired by the pioneers of Chicago and Detroit electronic music, but also by the fantasy and sci-fi cinema, he defines his style as “a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack. His albums come out almost every year. Besides the studio recordings, you can often find him playing on Boiler room. 

Everything in life has its price.

ADOR Ticket — 400 MDL
29 March | Tekwill

AAADOR Ticket — 500 MDL
29 March | Tekwill
30 Martie | ArtCor + BandabaR 

Legowelt Experience — 200 MDL
30 Martie | BandabaR

We would like to welcome all of you, but the number of tickets is strictly limited by the location capacity. We advise you not to postpone your ticket purchase.

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Let's ADOR.