African Fashion Show for Charity

African Fashion Show for Charity

500–750 lei
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Have you ever experienced an African Fashion Show in Moldova?

Where culture meets generosity!

We are happy to invite you to this unique charity event, which brings together African culture and local brands to support a good cause.

African fashion Show aims to promote sustainable fashion and cultural values. 

The funds raised from the event will be donated to Hospices of Hope Moldova, which supports children and adults who are in terminal stages of illness and need palliative care.

The event is the first of its kind and aims to showcase African history and culture, particularly from Sierra Leone & West Africa by showcasing traditional fashion and accessories. Within the African Fashion Show, local designers and brands from the Republic of Moldova

will present collections of clothing, accessories, and jewellery, combined with traditional elements from Africa.


 - Presentation of the African clothing. collection, adult and children participants

-  Afrobeats music

-  Presentation of local brand collections accesorized in African style

-  Display of accessories for sale for charity

When:   On 27-th of May  at 16.00 pm  
Where:  Courtyard of National Museum of History of Moldova (str. 31 August 1989, nr. 121 A, Chisinau)

Ticket price:  500 lei(ordinary)  and 750 lei (first line)

Contact persons: Svetlana +37361092767 
                          Julia       +37360998857 
                          Yerie       +37368261754