Blastam Basarabean

Blastam Basarabean

24 May 2018
Thursday 19:30
Teatrul National "Mihai Eminescu"
150 lei
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Our story is a story about a tragedy. A fierce fight of our Moldovan land that brings it to the verge of life and death. The misfortune of the nation that is brought by the divine fury. A nation so profoundly frightened and wounded that remains thirsty deep inside for absolute and eternal. This is what we call a “Basarabean Damnation”, as we are congenitally determined to conform and to reconcile to our fate, being unable to confront the evil. 

Piotr Alii’s team spiritually prepared and inspired by the life of basarabean people is presenting to you the collection called “Basarabean Damnation”.
The team prepared a performance show scheduled to take place on 24 May 2018. 

The show will bear a ritualistic character filled with symbolism and mysticism and will be presented in a form of a play, in which the collection will be a key element that determines our connection to the eternal nature. 

The collection consists of 33 models, the age at which Jesus Christ presumably died. Main colours of the collection are black, grey and white which represent 3 tiers of the afterlife through which our soul travels.

The show will be a modern manifesto of our nation. It is divided into 3 chapters, the birth (baptism), the wedding and death. All 3 chapters are considered to be the most important actions in the life and culture of a basarabean person. These fragments define Moldavian reality and will be presented to you in an artistic way with provocative and shocking elements accompanied by astonishing light decorations and music.

"Basarabean Damnation" a performance show that will take place on the 24th of May 2018 at 19:30 at “Mihai Eminescu” theatre in Chisinau, Moldova.

Entry requirements: +18