Fiesta Mexicana - Yard Sale 15.07.2018

15 July 2018
Sunday, 13:00
Muzeul Naţional de Etnografie şi Istorie Naturală
50 lei
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15th of July - fiesta party in the center of Chisinau! Bright, tasty, magic Mexica with tequila, cactus, taco and burrito, tortilla, piñata, guitar music and 150% freedom! Put on your motley skirts and shirts, beads and chaplets, sombrero and flowers in the hair! Draw Danny Thejo’s mustaches and eyebrows like Frida Kahlo had! Dance flamenco, drink and eat limes, re-watch «From Dusk Till Dawn» movie and be afraid of Chupacabra! Don’t forget to take poncho for the evening!

YARD SALE Fiesta Mexicana - the most crazy day of this summer! No rules - just joy and pleasure and total hedonism! You must shift all your sea trips and duty journeys and come to celebrate fiesta with us! Tell your friends and take them with you!

Location: National Museum Of Ethnography And Natural History

Address: M. Kogalniceanu street, 82

We start at 1:00 p.m. and wait for you till dark

Entrance: 50 MDL