House Instincts

House Instincts

29 April 2022
Friday 22:00
DC Donuts and Coffee, Str. Pușkin 16
150 lei
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We needed this. 


We needed to get together, to connect and spend some quality time. To share a moment, a rhythm and enjoy a profound musical journey laden with discoveries. 


We needed this. And we're BACK TOGETHER on Friday, April 29th


House Instincts is a house music culture community and a record label created to forge new narratives of music and visual arts made to trigger liberating instincts within each one of us.


This time, we bring generous 3 hour+ artist experiences delivered on a pristine Funktion One sound system together with a full-scale generative visual support. Prepare to descend into the bizarre world of our artists as they set out to blend some fanatically selected and aptly crafted tunes with live modular sound experiments and improvisations.  


The choice is yours - go deep or simply have a great time as we are beyond happy to see you again and get BACK TOGETHER.


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Eugen Boico  [ Hybrid Modular + Dj set ]



Nevolla  [ Dj set ]  



TBC [ Dj Set ]      



Sound System:



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DC Donuts and Coffee

Str. Pușkin 16


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This is a limited capacity event - no more than 150 tickets will be available and/or 150 people at the event. 


150 MDL -  Early bird  - iTicket - Limited ( online ) LINK

200 MDL -  Regular price at door



Doors Open 22.00 / FC 18+  

Come in good mood, drink responsibly

Wardrobe & Rest zones 

Generous bar with cocktails 

Zero-tolerance drug policy


Dare and support the local art & electronic music scene.


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