"INTIMACIES" - dance performance

"INTIMACIES" - dance performance

100–200 lei
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Choreography and concept: Steve Batts, N.Ireland 

Dance: Alexandra Soshnicova, Serghei Golovnea, Moldova


Steve Batts says of “INTIMACIES”:

“Sometimes I call my work “Poetic Movement” rather than dance because, although I have a background in contemporary dance, my interest has developed more and more towards the choreography of everyday life and the poetic possibilities in movement patterns which don’t fit into any particular dance idiom.

I have been developing choreography which is based on a detailed research into the elements of movement which we usually take for granted. I create choreography more from tonus, vertical and horizontal spatial arrangements, and the proximity of people to each other. I approach human movement from an interest in the physiology of functional

movement, emotional states and resonances, and the poetics of architectural and interpersonal space,


The performance is made up of sections of very tightly choreographed movement connected by fresh, open, playful, structured improvisations which rely on the amazing knowledge and sensitivity which Sasha and Serioja have developed between them over the years.


June 16, 2024

Time: 18:00

Duration: 50 minutes

Location: 18, Sfatul Țării street (CCA Ginta Latină), Chișinău