Jacques si stapanul sau - Teatrul Maria Filotti din Braila.

1 June 2016
Wednesday, 18:00
Teatrul Dramatic Rus de Stat - A. Cehov
70100 lei
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The date of the performance: 1 June
Performance duration: 120 minutes with no break
Dramaturgy: Milan Kundera
Directed by: Cristi Juncu
Costumes: Cristina Milea
Jacques’s master – IONUȚ VIȘAN
Landlady/Marquise – MIHAELA TROFIMOV
Saint – Ouen Cavalier – SILVIU DEBU
Young Bigre/Commissar/ Jean, servant at the Inn – ADRIAN ȘTEFAN
Old Bigre/Marquis/Judge – ALIN FLOREA
Justine/The daughter – CORINA BORȘ
The mother/Agathe – NARCISA NOVAC
About the performance:
The play ,,Jacques and his master” by Milan Kundera is a tribute to Denis Diderot and his famous anti-novel ,,Jacques the fatalist and his master”. The play, the only one written by Kundera, retake some essential elements from the original story of the novel, renewing its form and the possibility to be staged. The beginning of the original play is the main idea of the variation offered by Kundera: ,,How did they met? Randomly, like everyone. What where their names? What does it matter? Where did they come from? From the closest place. Where do they go? Is it known where they are going? What did they say? Where we go?
About the theater:
With a rich and impressive story, The ,,Maria Filotti” Theater is today a repertory theater, with 26 actors, 2 directors, 1 scenographer. The varied repertory, composed by plays of both national and international dramaturgy, scened by valuable directors, made the theatre one of the most important stages of the country.