Nisipul din urne. Cernauti

29 May 2016
Sunday, 17:00
Teatrul Dramatic Rus de Stat - A. Cehov
80120 lei
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The date of the performance: 30 May
Performance lasts: 85 minutes (with no break)
Dramaturgy: Paul Celan
Directed by: Oleg Melniciuc
Stage and costume design: Ibolea Oros (Ungaria)
Video design: Grigorii Kogos
The one who was a mother - Inna Danilina
The one who was loved - Yana Taranenko
The one who was a friend - Igor Constantiniuc
The one who was a executioner -Alexei Grigorciuk
The one who was a poet - Ivan Danilin
About the performance:
The performance,, Sand from the urns” was created after Paul Celan’s work and it is presented in three languages: russian, german and ukraine. Through his works, through his activity, Paul Celan tried to build bridges between cultures, languages and nations. This performance is a compilation of the works of O. Mandelstam, F.Kafka, G.Buhner, A.Berg. The peak of the play is represented by some letters of some children addressed to God:,,Catholics have one God, muslims have another God, jews have the third God, orthodixes has the forth one…How many of them are?” The performance promotes the tolerance and the acceptance of all the nations.
About the theatre:
The Independent Theater Lab was formed as a community of young actors and theater directors whose purpose was to try to find a theatrical language, de rethink the interaction processes between a director, an actor and an author.