O istorie fericita - Teatrul de papusi din Sahalin

30 May 2016
Monday, 17:00
Teatrul Dramatic Rus de Stat - A. Cehov
80120 lei
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Tragicomedy +14
The duration of the performance: 1 hour, no break
Director: Antonina Dobroliubova
Painter: Olga Ivchenko
Casting: Kotov Alexandr, Kotova Anastasia, Makoveţkii Alexandr, Omşeneţkii Serghei, Osipenco Andrei, Petrova Margarita, Todica Evghenia, Demcenko-Serghienco Olga, Dobroliubov Dimitrii.
About the performance:
,,A happy story”, directed by Antonina Dobrolyubova was born after several small, simple stories- from tragedies to farces had been colected. The stories of Vanika Jukov and his nanny Varika, of the girl ready to get married, of the goofy young boy who was run by a horse, and many other stories inspired from the work of A.P.Chekhov were united in this performance.
About the theatre:
The Sakhalin Puppet Theatre was created in 1981. During its 35 years of work, there have been set more than 150 performances. Every year, the theater is visited of almost 42 thousand viewers. The theater has also many tours, nationals and internationals, and is appreciated all over the world.