Save My - MOM

Save My - MOM

17 November 2019
Sunday 14:00
100–1000 lei
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Life is a struggle. It is for everyone, but for  some the fight is too hard.

My mother is in a fierce battle with cancer. Last spring she was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer [GLIOBLASTOMA]. She was operated MedPark (Moldova, Chisinau). The operation lasted 8 hours and it was successful.

After one month we went to Istanbul (clinica NEO Life) for radiation treatment and chemotherapy. In total, my mother had already undergone 13 chemotherapy treatments.

On 18.09.2019 she did a CT scan with contrast and on 20.09.2019 we were informed that the cancer had passed to the bloom vessels The tumour cannot  be operated at the moment, and she needs another treatment that can be done in any country, but not in Moldova.


The fight goes on and at the moment we have no savings left for new treatment.  We need your help. We will be grateful for any help !


Thank you very much !