10 June
Sunday, 11:00
Vinaria Chateau Vartely
300460 lei
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We invite you to a new holiday - STRAWBERRY DAY | WINE COCKTAILS - which will take place on June
10, from 11:00, at the touristc complex Château Vartely. It will be a passionate holiday where the wine
marries delicious strawberries in order to create the most elegant cocktails.
Event guests will beneft from an ALL INCLUSIVE package under which they will enjoy infnitely cool wine
and strawberries cocktails, grilled meat and vegetables, desserts and ice-cream, trip through the winery,
unforgetable pictures, and, of course, plenty of strawberries. The vibe and good cheer will be
accompanied by life music all day long. The litle guests are waitng for a lot of fun organized and
monitored by the animator Capshoonel.
And furthermore, every guest will be given a PRESENT - A PERSONALIZED GLASS CHÂTEAU VARTELY in
recogniton of grattude and deep fdelity for Château Vartely wine lovers.
Ticket price: 460 MDL
Ticket price for children aged 7-16: 300 MDL
For children under 7 years old - FREE ENTRY
Tickets are available on or at central ofce in Chisinau, 11, Mihai Viteazul Street, 4th floor,
ofce 401
FREE transport is organized: Chisinau – Orhei – Chisinau.
Departure place: 7, C. Negruzzi blvd., Chisinau Hotel.
Departure tme: 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00.
For prior transport booking, please call +373 68 27 83 59
For further informaton, please call +373 68 452 398
We are very welcome you!