Targ de Post VEGAN SHOW

27 March 2016
Sunday, 11:00
40 lei
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Vegan Show is NOT


… a religious, nor ideological event. The Great Lent Fair is dedicated to ACTIVE lifestyle, ORGANIC food and HEALTH.

 … a market for cheap and mass-produced products. We are inviting the most innovative entrepreneurs and producers to sell their goods, at a fair price.

 … an event funded by international or Government projects. It is an example of Social Entrepreneurship, where a societal problem - bad eating and obesity – is tackled by business.

 … a VIP event. It is accessible to all. Free entrance for old people, children under 12 and disabled, thanks to the contributions of everybody else.

 … a commercial event aiming at personal wealth. After covering all costa, profits will be used for social problems and projects.








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