Вечер Мате в Арт Лабиринте

7 December 2019
Saturday, 17:30
str. Sciusev 103, Art-Labyrinth
65 lei
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We would like to get know you with absolutely new kind of theater.
It is completely different from ordinary theater.
Performance can become a song, dance or just silence.
This is the theater of your personal stories, but the actors turn them into a work of art.
The hole performance is totally improvised.
We don't know what awaits you on Sunday.
Maybe you will cry ,maybe you will laugh ,but it's obvious -you will take some new inexplicable feeling with you ,which you will rethink.
Get to know contemporary art.
We are waiting for you at the Art Labyrinth (Schuseva 103)
Date: December 1 (Sunday)
Time : 18:18
Fee: 50 lei